Joy in the Journey

Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


Joy in the Journey

Madison Memorial Hospital has lost 565 pounds during the Biggest Loser Contest. This week the winner was Stephanie Bradshaw with a loss of 2.2% of her body weight.                          

Congratulations Stephanie!

Stephanie comments on her success: “Wow, I’m excited to be on this journey with so many of my coworkers. I’m married and have 5 children ranging in age from 17 to 28. I have struggled with my weight for a long time. I have been serious about eating healthy and losing weight for the last year and have been trying to watch calories and carbs. I also try to exercise. It has been much easier with a weekly weigh in and doing this with friends.”


Goal for Health Results

Here’s how we’ve done so far on our goal of losing 1800 pounds

This last week the hospital lost a total of  11 pounds.

Everyone is still losing! Keep it up!





 In Case You Missed Last Weeks Class- Here’s what was discussed

“The Blue Zones”

Different Trends that will increase your health and life expectancy

1. Natural movement – walking and natural exercise. In other countries, gyms aren’t always available. 

2. Purpose – Keep a purpose to your life. The areas that we discussed don’t have the concept of retirement. In the U.S. once someone retires they usually die within 3 years.

3. Downshift – These people all have a way to deal with stress (i.e. meditation, naps, prayer, etc.)

4. 80% rule in eating. Eat until about 80% full. Dinner is usually the smallest meal. Don’t eat after that.

5. Slant towards plants with meat sparingly. People should use meat to flavor grains and not have meat as the main focus of a meal.

6. Religious belonging – By attending 4 times a month will add 4-14 more years to their life.

7. Loved Ones First – Extended family is always close, many live in multi-generational homes.

8. Right Tribe – Surround yourself with supportive people that will aid in your lifestyle.

9. 4 of the 5 Blue Zones drink 1-2 glasses of wine with meals, Loma Linda group drinks grape juice.

By doing these things remember that in order for these things to have an effect on your life you need to be doing it for a long time. In order for changes in your life to have any effect, people need to be doing it for longer than a couple weeks or a couple months. It has been said that a Blue Zone lifestyle is able to add 10-12 years to average life expectancy.When all is said and done. Genetics clearly play a role in a persons ability to live 100+ years.

For more information on the Blue Zone initiative go to:

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