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Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


New “Club Ortho” at Madison Memorial

Seeing an increasing need of total hip and knee replacements, Madison has implemented a comprehensive “pre-habilitation” program to assist patients in this process. The program is called “Club Ortho” and its purpose is to help restore optimal comfort, independence, and health for patients. What does this new program mean for you and those that you love? It means that the very best orthopedic care is available to you, without having to travel far from home. It means that if you are suffering from muscle or joint pain, the orthopedic surgeons together with Madison Memorial Hospital will strive, to not only give you the relief you deserve, but also get you transitioned from the hospital and back to your life – as soon as possible. The Club Ortho program is designed to help ensure a quicker recovery. At Madison Memorial, we believe the patient plays an invaluable role in ensuring a successful recovery. We want the patient to start with as much information as possible about the orthopedic surgery. Our goal is to involve the patient in every step and detail of treatment-from education before surgery to managing healing after surgery.

The information presented as part of the Club Ortho program is designed to provide patients with information and answer questions about:

  • What you need to do to prepare for surgery
  • What you should expect after surgery
  • How to care for your new joint

Your orthopedic surgeon will refer you to the “Club Ortho” class, although the education classes are available to the community as well. “Club Ortho” classes are free to attend and offered each Monday at 2:00 in the Meeting room at Madison Memorial Hospital.No appointment is needed. The course is taught by Registered Nurses that have received specialized “Club Ortho” training. The class facilitator will answer your questions. Pre-habilitation education will be received at the class. Participants also will take a tour of the facility and have an opportunity to stop by Madison’s therapy department to receive instruction on pre-operative exercises to promote a faster recovery.

To enhance a successful outcome, patients are encouraged to choose a family member, significant other, or a friend to be their “Coach”. This person will be an added support towards a successful recovery. These individuals will partner with the healthcare team and we will ALL work together to support the patient through the journey. The coach will attend the “Club Ortho” class with their loved one and learn how they can help assist toward an optimal recovery.

We want our patients to have success every step of the way and are committed to making sure they have the best possible experience with us at Madison Memorial Hospital, says Misty Gordon, RN, BSN Case Management.

For more information on Club Ortho Click Here

New Chief Medical Officer at Madison Memorial

Madison Memorial Hospital is pleased to introduce our new Chief Medical Officer, Clay Prince, MD. Dr. Prince obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) from the University of Utah, completing his residency at Fort Wayne Medical School in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dr. Prince is Board Certified in Family Practice. He has been practicing medicine in Rexburg since 2004 and has served in various roles at MMH including Emergency Medicine (2004- present), Family Practice Chair (2006-2008 and 2014-present), and Chief of Staff (2010-2012).

As Chief Medical Officer under the direction of the CEO, he will work closely with the current administrative team, clinical staff, and physicians to improve patient satisfaction, promote quality and reduce waste within MMH. As CMO he will be responsible for the continued positive relationship between MMH and physicians who practice within the organization.

As he takes on these new responsibilities at MMH, Dr. Prince will continue his current practice at Complete Family Care in Rexburg. We are excited about this opportunity to work with Dr. Prince, and offer him our congratulations and support as he accepts this new responsibility, says Dr. Rachel Gonzales, CEO at MMH.

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