The Hospital Pulse

February 21, 2014

The Hospital Pulse

By Perry Shumway
February 21, 2014

The Hospital Pulse

By Perry Shumway

The Pulse –

Raining Babies from Heaven –

Madison Family Maternity Center made a record number of nine deliveries in a day this week. Shaunna sends a special thanks to each employee in the Family Maternity Center, and those in the related departments that helped make our services smooth. She was also glad that Madison Memorial Hospital has a second Mother Baby Unit, and a second Neonatal Intensive Care Unit fully equipped to take care of our community’s needs in instances like this.

Employee Contributions –

Did you know that in 2013 the hospital employees donated $17,573.22 to Madison Memorial Hospital Foundation?

Your generous contributions help the Foundation purchase the baby grand piano last year. Just this month the Foundation is donating a total of $28,750 with the following projects:
Little Girl with Teddy Bear1. Two Meditronic I-Pro Continuous Glucose Monitors for the Diabetes Education Program to help patients maintain their blood sugar levels.

2. Patient Communication Boards for all patients rooms to improve care and providing information for the patient, their families, and the healthcare team.

3. Coloring books and other children supplies that will be given at our teddy bear clinic.

4. A project in nursing administration to improve all clinical areas.

The hospital is also completing their wellness program with an auction. Each participant earns wellness dollars for completing their health screening and doing other healthy habits. This program has helped me, and other employees take a closer look at their overall health. Being young, I initially questioned the wellness program. However, I am glad I participated. The health screening showed that I needed to improve my thyroid, and helped me to discover some food intolerance. Madison Memorial Hospital has the responsibility to take care of our community’s health. As your employer, Madison would like you to focus on your personal health as well.

 Employee recognition –

– Rachel Gonzales ranked in the top 50 CEO’s for rural hospitals. 
– Sharon Pirente received a national certification for Fundraising