Get What You Need with One Call

April 2, 2014

Get What You Need with One Call

By Perry Shumway
April 2, 2014

Get What You Need with One Call

By Perry Shumway
Centralized Scheduling Team

New Scheduling Department

We are excited to open our new Centralized Scheduling Department. This new department will result in a faster, and more accurate admissions/scheduling process. Needed information on behalf of our patients and physicians will be collected beforehand. Then preregistration, authorizations, and insurance verification & benefits will be available and provided to the patient upon arrival. Patients may come directly to the express desk in admissions, reducing wait times, and provide more information. We hope that this new service will help you receive any information that you’d like, and assist you in getting to your appointment in less time.

The Scheduling Department

Monday – Friday 7:30 am – 6:00 pm. Phone: (208) 359-9800 Fax: (208) 359-6543

Before calling please have the following information ready:
– Name
– Date of Birth
– Phone Number
– Insurance
– Authorization
– Procedure and Procedure Code
– Diagnosis and Diagnosis Code
– Physician Name
– Lab Work (if needed)
– Modality Information