Is the Keto Diet for You?

Keto Diet

Looking back to the wealth of health information we received last year, we learn that the Keto diet was the most searched diet of the year. This diet focuses on eating a diet of high fat, moderate protein, and low to no carbs.

This is meant to transition the body from burning glucose from carbohydrates to a state of ketosis where fat is burned for energy instead. However, not everything is always as good as it looks on paper. We took a deeper dive into this diet with our registered dietician Susan Clark from Madison Memorial Hospital.

MMH: Is the Keto Diet sustainable for patients looking to keep weight off?

Susan Clark, RD: Nope! It is very limited in what you can eat. It limits choice which cuts out a lot of foods and food groups. Only the most disciplined person will stick to it long-term. When someone goes back to their old habits the weight will come back again. 

MMH: What is the diet beneficial for?

Susan Clark, RD: The Keto Diet has been around for a long time, since about the early 1900’s for epilepsy. A little bit of limited research has shown it may be beneficial for Alzheimer’s. There is more research to be done on that.

MMH: How do you as a dietitian help your patients with their goals and overall health?

Susan Clark, RD: It has to be very individualized. You must assess where each person is at and see where they need to be. You must take little steps to help them. No one person is going to follow the exact same diet.

MMH: What have you seen create the most success in the health of patients?

Susan Clark, RD: You could say there is one thing but there a lot of little things tied in with it. The one thing is permanent lifestyle change. Most of us do better a little bit at a time. These changes are much more sustainable. My expertise in this is through nutrition.

As we’ve learned from an expert on the material if you’re looking to lose or maintain your weight, small lifestyle changes to your diet may be your best path to health.

You may also find training with our dietitian and lifestyle coach Susan Clark helpful. She also teaches a class to help you with your weight and helps you prevent the onset of diabetes through good lifestyle training (see below).

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