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Dr. Robert Bobert
Dr. Robert Bobert


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Use these links to select a local healthcare provider for you and your family, or to schedule an appointment, if you already have one.

Seasons Medical (208-356-0234) is Rexburg’s largest doctor’s office, boasting teams of medical professionals in four clinics:

  • Adult and Family Care (Brian Beesley, MD, Scott Hardy, DO, and Steven Lofgran, MD)
  • Family Medicine (Michael Packer, MD, and Travis Weiszhaar, PA-C)
  • Pediatrics (Gene Gates, MD,  Jason Hymas, MD, Mark Hammar, PA-C, Gary Sena, PA-C, and Angie Peterson, FNP-C)
  • Women’s Center (Robert Meredith, DO, Cameron Codd, DO, Marie Horne, CNM, Linda Webster, WHNP-BC, and Rebecca Helie, CNM)

Rexburg Medical Clinic (208-356-5401), with its long and cherished history here in the Upper Valley, offers walk-in care as well as state-of-the-art equipment and treatments. Providers at Rexburg Medical Clinic include Jeffrey Zollinger, MD, Joseph Watson, MD, Zach Brunson, PA, Adriann Wilcox, NP, and Corey Rammell, MD.

Madison Memorial Hospital (208-359-6900), the region’s premiere caregiving facility, offers a comprehensive doctor directory from which you can compare various providers in the region, to help you choose the right one for yourself and your family.

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