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This Christmas season Madison employees 576 individuals. Our team includes individuals from all walks of life and beliefs.  As Christmas arrives co-workers collaborate and formulate plans together to Give.

Families in our community have been excellent receivers from generous giving. One may expect a doctor or a nurse to give more because they may have more. However, giving is a priority regardless of position.

One housekeeper wanted to give but had no money. He asked if he could work a shift and have the hospital donate the proceeds to a Christmas family, but we were not set up to do that. Eventually, the housekeeper saved some money to contribute. This housekeeper and others like him are some of the wealthiest in heart. A giving heart is filled with gratitude, joy, and abundance.



May each of us be lost in joy from giving more of ourselves this season. Merry Christmas!   


Maintain No Gain

Why is it that many new years resolutions include a goal to lose weight? To kick off our Nutrition Class Friday from 12:00 – 12:30 pm in the Meeting Room, our dietitian Carol Atchison will be helping you know what and how to cook for the holidays to maintain the same weight and still celebrate. Come Join Us!


Madison Memorial Hospital is joining with the American Diabetes Association for today’s National Healthy Lunch Day. Today is all about celebrating the importance of good nutrition and its role in lowering your risk for type 2 diabetes and heart disease. So, together, let’s start making healthier lunch choices today to feel our best. We will be at the Paragon with the Family Feud game and handouts with ideas. To raise awareness, share photos of you and your colleagues and your food choices on social media as you take part in today’s fun activities—and use this hashtag: #HealthyLunchDay. Need tips for healthy choices when eating out? We’ve got you covered. 8 Lunchtime Tips for Eating Out If you don’t have a cafeteria or time to bring a healthy lunch from home, follow these eat right tips: 1. If you can, choose restaurants with healthier menu options and order those options. 2....

A Special Thanks today for all those that have served our beloved nation! May we continue to recognize them each year with events such as the one the Rexburg’s Chamber of Commerce, businesses, and volunteers organized today. Well Done!

Monday – Friday at Smith Park, Meet at Veterans Monument 11:30 am – 12:00 pm. The administrative team invites you to walk with them daily. Arrange your schedule for a walking break during the times above at Smith Park with one of Madison Executive Team members to help our employees and the community refocus on health!


The Madison Memorial staff has lost over 500 pounds through our Biggest Loser competition! Congratulations Rosa for being our winner! How did she do it? This was her comment on the Biggest Loser Challenge: “Two years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Given the option of taking medicine or trying to make a lifestyle change, I went with trying to live a healthier life. Just telling myself I was going to lose weight has never really worked in the past so I decided to go about it by setting little goals for myself and trying to win the war one little battle at a time. Instead of a daily soda I would have one a week and replace the soda with water, I would add more fruits and vegetables into my diet, my husband and I would split meals when we went out, and I would try to...

That’s Right, Eat Right This Halloween

Madison Nutrition Class

12:30 -1:00 pm

Steiner Conference Room

Madison Dietitian – Carol Atchison

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